Days Out With My Camera: Ogden Water

At the weekend, we visited Ogden Water in Halifax. It is a lovely spot, surrounded by woodland, moorland and a wind farm(!) and of course it has an ice-cream van, what more could anyone want?

We spent a lovely couple of hours, finding muddy puddles and strolling around the reservoir. The weather wasn’t great, but also not awful (i.e. we didn’t get soaked!). And yes we got an ice-cream on the way back to the car.

As I mentioned, the weather wasn’t perfect, just a bit dull so the light wasn’t great for photography, but here is my attempt.



15 thoughts on “Days Out With My Camera: Ogden Water

  1. I love Halifax and have had the pleasure of visiting Nova Scotia several times including last summer. Your photos are beautiful and you have some really interesting perspectives. Well done!

      1. Oh dear how terribly embarrassing is that?! Good heavens my sincere apologies.
        Well the photos truly are lovely and I think you have a very good eye.

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