Searching the attic

Finding my old Olympus PEN-EE camera in the loft has brought back many memories. It was bought second hand for me on my ninth birthday and accompanied me on many occasions. It has recorded family holidays, friends and the hot air balloons that passed over our garden (in black and white!). I still have some of the photos somewhere, not sure they’re up to much, but I enjoyed taking them. Many cameras later, my PEN-EE remains very dear to me, like an old friend.


7 thoughts on “Searching the attic

    1. It is very compact, but sadly no longer works, I know, when I was younger I tried to “mend” it, but failed. About a year ago I upgraded to a nikon D5100 and love it. Glad you’re enjoying my blog, I’m enjoying creating it.

  1. Well I came here from the bottom of your other post – and this post shows even more of the camera- nice…. And I know what you mean about the dear Friend feeling – maybe you can get a shadow box to put this in? We recently saw a show where someone had old phones in frames – ha!

      1. Well even better to have a couple – and seeing these old cameras really is cool-
        I took a photo of a cheap old plastic camera that was being sold at a “get rid of sale” for two dollars – I will try and show ya – it was gold plastic – ha!

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